Digital Strategist, Marketer & Product Developer

Ade Camilleri forms part of the Media Plan Group 

A leading provider of bespoke digital products and services

Digital Marketing

With the use of bespoke digital marketing products and market intelligence software, Ade Camilleri will use his knowledge as a competitor intelligence analyst, digital marketing professional and product developer to support public and private companies maintain rapid and sustainable growth.


The digital footprint marketing service expands your digital footprint beyond your corporate website by strengthening your online presence. This is done by amplifying and reproducing your website, blog, digital content on to a variety of platforms across web 2.0, social media, profiling and mirrored websites. 

Competitor Intelligence

Ade Camilleri helps develop products ranging from mobile apps, communications products, casino games, website games and social media apps that will ultimately engage, retain and grow your existing database of clients and customer. 

As a product developer who specialises in game and mobile app development our services ensure growth through these cutting edge and unique applications. 

Product Development

Basing your online campaigns on real time statistics and data of competitor marketing allows for confident decision making when developing online campaigns

The gathering of information from campaign monitoring and campaign hacking strategies also allows for companies to react faster to competitor’s campaign strategies.

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